How to design a beam which is supporting a point load from another beam

Firstly, you will need to design the beam that is to be supported and then generate the report, from the report you will then be able to get the unfactored permanent and variable beam end reactions.

Then to design the beam which is to support the other beam, you will need to enter the point load as the unfactored permanent and variable reactions from the report for the beam which is to be supported.

If the beam that is being supported is fixed/bolted to the other beam, this will provide a point of restraint along the length of the beam, so say for example the beam is 3 metres long, but is supporting another beam that is 2 metres from its end, the position of the restraint will be 2 metres from the end of the beam, in theory this helps the supporting beam as it cannot fail in lateral torsional buckling at the point at where it is connected.

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