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Below is our free Steel Beam Calculator with a beam span length fixed at 3 feet which you can try out for free, our full version is available from $40 and allows users to design and check simply supported W Beams, S Beams and American Standard Channels for any length span. You can sign up for the full version here. 30 day money back guarantee, Try it risk free today.

This steel beam calculator is intended to be used to design steel beams used in residential construction and assumes that the top flange is laterally braced by regularly spaced members generally at least every 5 feet. To ensure adequate lateral bracing, bracing members should be attached with fasteners that provide a positive connection.

Enter Beam Details

1.1 Enter steel beam span length

This free version is fixed at 3 feet. The full version allows any size

1.2 Select steel beam size

The list above is showing W Beams , you can also switch to S Beams or American Standard Channels

If you're not sure what beam size to choose, use the auto beam select feature below

1.3 Minimum Yield Stress

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1.4 Confirm lateral bracing

Is top flange of beam laterally braced along its full length?

Enter Load Details

Deflection Limits

3.1 Live load deflection limit

Usually Span / 360

3.2 Total live and dead load deflection limit

Usually Span / 240