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How to Use

Demo Calculator

The beam span length is fixed at 3 feet for this demo version. The full version allows you to design beams up to any length

1 Enter Beam Details

1.1 Enter steel beam span length

This demo is fixed at 3 feet.
The full version allows precise sizes up to 30 feet.

1.2 Select steel beam

1.3 Minimum yield stress

New steel is usually 50,000 psi, older steel is often 36,000 psi
2 Enter Load Details
3 Lateral bracing

3.1 Is beam fully braced along its full length?

Help icon
Yes, if top flange is laterally braced at least every 2 feet
4 Deflection Limits

4.1 Live load deflection limit

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Usually Span / 360

4.2 Total live and dead load deflection limit

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Usually Span / 240

Quick and affordable Steel Beam Calculations in just minutes

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